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Cool animated gifs.

You are Cool animations

Hot Cross bunWhen I was a boy "cool" was a cool expression i.e. "cool for cats" but over the years this expression faded away and if you used it you were considered an old fuddy duddy. A few years ago this expression returned with new ones like "wicked" "get in there" so we decided to make some cool animations. Even when things go wrong like the strange snowman animation we still publish it because it makes us laugh for all the wrong reasons.
Our rather cool and with it daughter just laughed when she saw it. Maybe the other cool animations will suit your Blog or web page. Dot and Dave are not considered cool but occasionally get called awesome

cool card
cool snowman
cool name
cool iphone
cool animation
cool cube

Animations made here

Cool , an expression that was cool when we were kids has returned and is used by young and old alike. Sometimes we even publish our (Dave's) work that is pretty awful and the snowman comes into that category. Cool animations, original animated gifs by Dot and Dave. If you know someone or have found something that is cool then one of our graphics may be the thing you are looking for.

We think that the shiny blue button with the clouds reflecting in it is cool.... enjoy!