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Cooking animated gifs - animations for the Chef

Yorkshire pudding by Dot

Hot Cross bunWatch Jamie Oliver on TV with his half hour recipes and he makes it look so easy. Try them yourself and it will take two or three times as long but they are very tasty and simple recipes. In this house we are fans of Jamie and his sausages and beef burgers available in Tesco are a culinary delight. Dot is a good cook, well known for her superb Yorkshire puddings. She never over cooks the vegetables but always makes sure any meat I have is well done ( I like my meat cremated ). Her downside is that she rarely makes any puddings ( sweets ) and I really love apple pie and custard. We have here a selection of cooking animations that would be suitable for use on your cooking blogs and webpages or even any Powerpoint presentations. Download to your computer and even modify them if it is needed.

animated chefs hat
animated chef cube
animated cooking bowl
animated wooden spoon
Animated fry up
animated whisk
animated oven
chefs knife

Greek cuisine

In our house we very lucky because Dot is a wonderful cook. Just lately she has been making some wonderful Greek meals because she has been getting some tuition from her Greek Cypriot friend Toulla when we are lucky enough to visit here in Cyprus. Something we may do a little more of now that I am retired..
The limit of my culinary skills is to cook the breakfast on a Sunday morning and take it up to Dot in bed, I'm probably best of just making cooking animations.