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Free Congratulations animations.

Has someone done something wonderful

teddy bear congratulationsEvery day someone achieves something, passes an examination, a driving test, gets married or engaged and you want to let them know just how pleased you are for them by sending one of our congratulations animations. I can remember just how pleased I was when I passed the morse code test and became a Radio Amateur, a lifelong ambition achieved and it would have been nice to have sent one of these animations to myself. I went up the pub instead , drank too much and arrived home in a terrible state. It would have been better if I had been given animated champagne instead of Cider which was all we could really afford in those days. I always think of Cliff Richards and his song congratulations when I see this little lot and Dot is a great fan. Dot say when I was younger I did bear a slight resemblance to him but these days I look more as if I have been thrown over a cliff. These congratulations animations are ideal for adding to emails, forum messages, Google plus, blogs and websites.

Animated champagne and congratulations
congrtulations champagne bottle animation
animated champagne
congratulations message
Congratulations animated text
animated cube
microphone with congratulations
congratulations bells
sphere with wording

All original animation work

The top row and the gold congratulations animations were especially made for this page, there is no doubt that you have stumbled upon some original animated gifs when you found this page. The other animations are a classic example of using some of our standard models to create special messages. We have a large selection of different messages and labels, check out our menu to the right.
There is absolutely no reason why cannot download any of my work and then upload it to an online image editor and add your own personal message. There are many animation editors on the internet that make this very easy. If you have software like Jasc animation shop it is even easier.