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Communication animated gifs

Telephones, radio and the internet

Transceiver animationI'm a radio ham so I had to make a page with my callsign G0IPH animated. I can make one of these animated badges with your callsign as well just visit the Radio Ham page for details. There are also many other things I have animated associated with my hobby on that webpage. It took two years to get full class A license but the reward is to speak to people all over the world and I have even had the pleasure of meeting and staying with one "ham" who lives in Cyprus.
Of course I have an iphone and I use it more like a miniature computer rather than a phone but could not resist the temptation to make an animation. The mobile phones page has a couple of older phones including the Nockia 95 that I used to have. Better as a phone than the iphone in my opinion but no match for all the extras facilities you get with the iphone, I particularly like facetime a little program that lets me make a video link with my son over wi fi when I stay in Cyprus.
The telephone hacking animations were made just after the big scandal when national newspapers were allegedly getting information about famous people by hacking into their telephone conversations.

If you need to send someone an email asking them to ring you we also have the animation for that as well, this was requested by a young lady but we have no idea how she intended to use it.

The Google search page is my little bit of fun and having a dig at the Google Panda Algorithm that completely knocked this site for six in the ratings for Google search. I have added a few Google search animations as well.