All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Cod, a great fish to go with chips (French fries).

The fish, not Call of Duty

Cod spinCod, it has a lovely flavour and is white and flaky when cooked. In the UK we are at risk of cod being over fished in the Atlantic and other alternatives like Rock are being looked at. The animation to the left is of a cod but with a transparent background. The underwater background has been added to the div tag . Making a presentation in this manner allows for a much smaller file size and gives you a much faster download. This technique will only work on a HTML page as far as I know but if you have any graphics ability it would be possible to download the cod and background separately and incorporate them into one gif animation.

chuffed monkey
Cod animation
cod badge
spinning cod animation
fish and chips

The Cod is not a pretty fish

CLOWNFISHNot the fish you would normally keep in an aquarium but I have made some animations anyway.
This Cod is the main ingredient in the good old British meal of fish and chips. i remember when it used to be served up in newspapers. Looking at the beauty of this fish you can understand where the saying “ Cod face ” came from.