All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Cockles, whelks, mussels, Jellied eels. Seafood animations

Not to every ones taste

cockleThese seafood animations were painstakingly made by copying the details of Whelks, cockles mussels and jelled eels and constructing them in my 3D software. They were then rendered with photographs of each type of seafood.

I love all of this sea food and just thinking about them makes my mouth water. If you have not tried any of these treats give it a try if you have a chance and you may find that you have discovered a fantastic new seafood treat

Animated whelk
animated cockle
animated mussel
prawn cube
Bowl of jellied eels
bingo card cube

Seafood and vinegar

cockleThe whelks cockles and mussels (Left to right top row) are in their natural state, as you might find them on the sea shore.
Once cooked whelks and cockles are a gastronomical treat especially with a liberal dose of malt vinegar.
Mussels are superb with garlic sauce. Prawns are fantastic with some seafood dressing with lettuce and tomatoes

Then you have my all time favourite, centre bottom, chunks of boiled eels in a jelly made of fish stock and gelatine; eat with a liberal dressing of malt vinegar and a chunk of crusty fresh bread.
They should dissolve in your mouth and leave the bones to be delicately removed with a spoon or spat out into another dish. ( Very tastefully put )