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Animated Clown Fish. Original animated gifs

The clown fish has been displayed without my permission in other collections.

Marine tank with clown fishOf all the fish I have made the clown fish has been the most popular. It may have something to do with finding Nemo or the fact that it is very brightly coloured. It is a common factor with tropical marine fish and this is the first marine fish that I made. Try to keep them in an aquarium and you will need specialised equipment, they are not so easy to keep as freshwater tropical fish but if you succeed you will have one of the the most beautiful fish tanks available. Not found in the Atlantic but likes warmer water like the Pacific or Indian Ocean and is famous for its relationship with the sea anemone

clown fish animation
clown fish revolving
clown fish animation
clown fish
clown fish and plant
clownfish weeeee

Clownfish runAll these graphics are animated gifs but it is possible to incorporate any of these fish into a Flash animation. In fact any of my animations on this website can be used in Flash with great effect because most have a transparent background. I have made and embedded on my blog a clown fish Flash aquarium that is free to download and use on your blog or web site. Instructions and code needed to embed these aquariums are available on this blog. Many more aquariums available are available. Click link to the aquarium listed below.