All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Clematis gifs, original animations

A beautiful climbing flower

Clematis, a difficult animation to make, the spiraling stem, detailed leaves and flowers a challenge but if you have enough time and patience just about any 3D CAD model is possible
At one time we had a Flash version available on Wallop, an experimental social networking website first started by Microsoft that no longer exists now but was good fun while it lasted. Maybe the problem was that they wanted to charge for any animations like this. Our are free.
We have clematis and honeysuckle at the bottom of our garden growing over from our neighbour. Just right ... a free display!

clematis vase
clematis badge
clematis cube animation

At the bottom of our garden

butterflyWe love this flower, in fact their are not many flowers we do not like but to see clematis growing in abundance and hiding all our scruffy fence work in the height of summer is a wonderful sight. We have this growing (our neighbours actually) together with honeysuckle and the perfume is something else again. If it is not summer when you look at these, all I can say is roll on summer and some nice warm weather.