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I'm chuffed Animations ( It means I'm very happy )

I'm chuffed teddy bearsMany years ago when I was just 9 years old my older brother was in the REME in the army abroad in Germany. He had to do national service and serve eighteen months in the forces, something I did not have to do because the government had abandoned conscription just before I reached the age of call up. On one of his rare return trips home on "leave" I can always remember him saying how "chuffed" he was to be home. What was all this chuffing about I asked him as a steam train had immediately sprung to mind. He told me that it was term commonly used in the NAFFI and that it meant you were well pleased and happy with yourself. For a few years this expression was used but then seemed to die out. It is only in the last few years that I have started to hear this expression again and decide to make a few chuffed animated gifs.

Chuffer train
chuffed monkey
chuffed laptop
chuffed iphone
chuffed badge

A chuffer train?

strawberryI suppose it's only natural that I should add a chuffer train to this animation collection because it was the first thing I thought off when I heard the expression. Had I been a little older at the time I may have thought of something different associated with the word chuff, something I will not go into here as Dot likes me to keep everything I say on here as respectable as possible.
Maybe this little group of chuffed animations will help the expression make an even bigger come back (I doubt it somehow). An interesting yet unusual set of animations that I had fun making, are you chuffed with them?