All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Merry Christmas animated pucks

An unusual request

animated hollyWe made an animated puck for a junior ice hockey team and were asked if we could make some Halloween style pucks. This we did and the team liked them so much decided to make a Christmas selection. The normal spinning puck just has an image rendered into the centre but in this case we have made some that have a true 3D model sitting in the centre. You may notice that a lot of these models can be found else where on this website, just shows that with a good model library you can make hundreds of different animations

Snowman on puck
Santa on spinning puck
animated snowflake puck
puck with christmas ornaments
merry christmas animated puck
Father Christmas puck

Its good fun making these

As you can see we have built up quite a selection of these animated pucks. many have been made because of requests and some we thought we would just make for the fun of it. Its strange just how relaxing creating this stuff can be and really satisfying to see our work in action on other websites. We can put any clearly defined image in the centre of these pucks and if you want one made contact me. We also make custom pucks with Ice hockey club logos on. See link below.