All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Christmas alphabet

The letter should snap together

This animated Christmas alphabet can be put together as separate letters and can be placed into an email or on a message board one letter at a time using something like Animation Shop based on these instructions.

The Christmas animated alphabet consists of all letters and numbers that interlock as our Flash demonstrations indicates. To finish of the name you create we have made two end panels to create a complete rectangular frame effect. It is possible to place these directly into a html page and they should snap together. It works in Dreamweaver but no guarantee that it will in any other editor. The other way is to put these animations into an animation editing program and combine them into one single animation. We like to feel that this technique is original, we made it many years ago so it is possible people have copied us.

A message to all our visitors

The animation below is one we made earlier , the letters of the alphabet were just a little too big so we reduced the size of them, in this case so that it fits nicely across our webpage.

Merry Christmas animation

If you like our Merry Christmas animation there is no reason why you cannot download it and use it.

The letters come with holly, presents, snowflakes, baubles, Christmas pud, balloons , paper bells, and includes
the frame ends, full stop, @, and space

Download alphabet as a zip file here