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Free Christian animations and symbols

Our selection of Christian graphics

welcome to our christian web pageWelcome to the Dot and Dave’s collection of free Christian animations. You can use these on your blogs, web sites, emails and profiles. We do not mind if you want to modify or add these animations to another artistic creation.
We are Christians but do believe that you do not have to go to church to be Christian. To us it is more a way of life and in the way you treat other people. We really hate any door to door callers who try to preach to you and convert us to their way of thinking.
When we were in a secluded villa in the remote hills of Cyprus we had callers trying to convert us, they had a small boy with them who was obviously suffering in the scorching heat but refused our offer of a drink, maybe they thought we were going to give them Ouzo, it is all rather sad really.
These animations are our interpretation of the Christian religion, we hope that you enjoy and can use them

church bells
animated christian cross
animated christian fish
Brass Cross

Many techniques used making these animations

A whole range of techniques used in making these Christian animations and it has taken some time constructing them but we are very pleased with the results. The crosses and flowers use a subtle shadow effect. The crucifix and jeweled cross use a revolving technique. The bible is made of several frames with the page in different positions and the Jesus "fish" probably the most difficult to make. The spinning brass cross bottom right is based on a cross that I had made for my father many years ago when I worked as an artist for a wrought iron and art metal company.
We have made also made animations for Diwali, Easter and Christmas