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Happy Christening Animations

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pink cubemessageThe last Christening I went to was my grand daughters. I had a little too much to drink at the reception and later on ended up in the local pub where I chatted up my grand daughters other nan. After that I remember very little but I can tell you that on my return home I put a saucepan on the gas hob and then fell asleep in the arm chair. It was a good job Dot was awake and sober other wise the house may have burnt down.
I have made some special animations for this very special occasion and get a lot of pleasure in making them so I like to see them used (but not in other animation collections). It is a continuous learning curve to try and improve and make better animations each week

Christening cake for a boy Christening animation Christening cake
Christening cot Wrought iron cross Christening cot girl
Christening angel Bible Christening angel girl

A special little person is to be Christened.

christening messagechristening cubeSend a Happy Christening animation (add to an email) or add it to your Blog or web page.

The butterfly cards with special messages are quite easy to make, take a look at the butterfly card page. There is no reason why you cannot use anything from this website and add a message using the same technique, everything here is free and there are no copyright issues so download as much stuff to your computer as you wish.

I have made some of these animations in a pink or blue version for obvious reasons.

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