All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Wow! a collection of Chocolate animations

How we made 'emchocolate for ever

Everybody had their eyes on me when I made these. I had bought a collection of different goodies, drawn up the 3D models in accordance with the chocolate bar details and then removed the wrapper to scan it so that the photograph could be applied as a texture. That was when everybody pounced on the chocolate and I was left with the tube of Smarties. This is an easy and effective way to produce 3D animations of just about anything you can buy in a shop or supermarket if the actual shape of the object is easy to reproduce . (As long as you can get the wrapper in a scanner)

Star bar Smarties Mars bar
Slab of chocolate Chocolate animation Choc bar
chocolatecsquare Topic bar Round chocolate
creme egg Maltesers Wagon Wheel

It's a temptation

choc boxThis is a serious weakness that we all have at Sevenoaks Art . We all love all Chocolate, any chocolate, White chocolate Plain Chocolate, Belgium Chocolate and especially any of the selection above. The big problem is that we watch our weight and the temptation is just too much sometimes.

I have now made some animated sweets, things like jelly babies, beans, wine gums, and Licorice allsorts all available by clicking the animated sweets link below.

Animated sweets

Have a chocolate or licorice allsort animation treat on us.