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Free Chinese animated gifs. Original graphics.

Lanterns with a flickering flame

buddhaThe Chinese animated lanterns can be used on a dark background or a light background. Two animated versions available with a transparent background. On this web page I have used a dark blue and a light blue background. Normally my animations are made for a light background but I think a lantern needs to be displayed as if it was night time. The Chinese lanterns were a very interesting experiment because I wanted to give a flickering light effect at the same time the lantern spun. When tested on a dark coloured web page we thought that the lantern looked spectacular.

Chinese lantern for dark background

butterfly frame

Chinese alphabet

Chinese lantern for a light background
chinese umbrella
feng shui
Chinese brolly

Chinese Umbrellas, dragons and Feng Shui animationschinese new year

Chinese bowlThe spinning disc dragon animation, originally created for the Wallop social networking web site (No longer with us) who used to have a lot of Chinese members. Maybe Google+ will have a little more success. I have also incorporated it into a Happy New Year animation.

My interpretation of Feng shui and some Chinese umbrella animations have been added at a later date. The umbrellas were not easy to construct and the finished effect is not as good as I originally hoped but this is the way things can happen when making new animations.

butterfly with shadowThe full animated Chinese Zodiac, (the spinning silver symbol above represents a dog), is available by clicking on the Chinese Zodiac link . You can find out if your are a Monkey or a snake because we also have a calculator that will work it out from your birth date. I also have an interesting range of animated Yin Yangs