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Animated Chilean Miners rescue capsule Fenix 2

Animated Rescue Capsule

Animated Chilean Miners rescue capsule Fenix 2
This sort of animation one of our specialties. We use a CAD program and objects like this are easy to create and the make a simple animation from. We think this rescue mission will be remembered for a long time to come.

Just a little gif animation to celebrate the Chileans miners escape to freedom after 69 daysrescue capsule trapped underground. Who could not admire the spirit and courage of these 33 men who never gave up hope of being rescued. In recorded history no one has survived for so long trapped underground. Sevenoaks Art celebrates the rescue with this animated escape capsule and Chilean Flag.

Miners of the San Jose Mine, our hearts are with you.

Sometimes we see something in the news that really inspires us, sometimes we see things that make us laugh and often we see things that make us mad. The Chilean miners rescue really inspired us and gives us confidence in human nature. This is our humble little animated graphic and we hope that any visitors can find a use for them.

The last miners were rescued on 14th October 2010, hauled to the surface in one of these capsules that had been lowered through a bore hole.