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Animated cherries

Monkey with cherriesWe live in in Kent in the UK. In the springtime the cherry blossom is something to behold so an animated cherry blossom was an essential addition to this page. When this blossom is out you know that in a few months time the fresh ripe cherries will be ready for picking and available in the shops and even on sale at little road side stalls.

Just looking at these animated cherries makes me lick my lips. Use them for your blogs, web pages, presentations or wherever you may need a nice ripe cherry. You are also welcome to modify or re size them in any way you like.

spinning cherries animated cherry badge animated cherry
Cherries and butterflies Cherry blossom animated cherry cube

Cheeries with leavesOne of my favorites. I especially love black cherries Give me anything with black cherries like Ice Cream. yogurts, Black Forest gateau and I'm in cherry heaven. I also love glace cherries, the sort you get on top of an iced bus and in fruit cakes.

I must also be one of the few people that really loves the cherry coke, but drink it as it comes and not mixed with vodka or any sort of spirit

Cherries Sweet, Cherries red, Good to eat, So Dotty said