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Animated Chad or Kilroy was here animations

English Chad or American Kilroy

donut bulletThese animations are very loosely based on the character "Chad" ( English ) or "Kilroy" ( American ) - an image often chalked in the most unusual places by the allied troops during World War 2. It is said that "Kilroy was here" is written in the dust on the moon. As a boy I can remember scribbling a basic version of Chad in the back of my school books whenever their was a shortage of anything.
I was one of many children born after all the fathers returned from the war and can remember ration books so there was often a shortage of something or the other. I have given a link to all the chad animations that have been requested so far in the table below. Some you really have to wonder about but I am sure that they had some use or the other.
The Chad waving the watering can is a later addition because in Kent UK we have been placed on a hose pipe ban because of a water shortage.

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