All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated computers, laptop, keyboard, mouse and monitors

A collection of computer graphics

ipadUntil 14 years ago I had not really been near a computer. For some people that would have been a big part of their life but I started at the tender age of 50. I will give data bases and spread sheets a big miss although I have worked with them and even made a Chinese zodiac birth sign calculator but my big love is computer graphics and any relevant art packages.
I uses Schroff Silverscreen solid modeler, Artlantis, Paint Shop Pro and Jasc Animation shop. I also used to have 15 computers to look after at work including a server but had brilliant remote help from Wrotham Computer Care. We used to use Shuttle computers a lot , hence the animations but now have switched to the Dell range.

Shuttle computer animation
animated mouse
computer,keyboard and mouse
old style computer and moniter
computer cube
animated laptop

We have a selection of animated ipads and even a kindle fire

Animated kindle fireSince making this page I have added a selection of animated ipads, much like the one at the top of the page and you can find them by clicking this link Animated ipads

On the left I have made an animated kindle, just like the one I bought for my grand daughter.

The changing screens 3D animated computer was made 10 years ago and even shows one of my first web pages with the Harold angels dancing on a black background. The sunset animated computer was a photograph taken when we stayed in a small village called Lysos up in the hills of Cyprus