All animations created by Dave Sutton

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A couple of kittens in a rocking cradle.

Kittens RockThe rocking cradle animation is available in a larger size and was very popular on Google+ getting many shares and "likes". If you want the larger version click HERE for a link to the correct page. peeping tom kitten

I will continue to make more kitten and cat animations for Google+ and they will be added here as well.

Most have a transparent background and can be used on a light coloured webpage although the kittens and crib animation has been made with a white background so that a nice shadow displays on the floor.

If you have any problems you can always contact me via email or Google+

grumpy cat with flying helmet Breaded cat his master's voice
kitten with butterfly on nose Cat book batcat
rocking cat kiten in trolley Captain Grumpy

I'm staring to use more photographs in my animations.Kitten swing

When I first started making animations I only used photographs as a texture on my 3D models.Gone and kittens
These days I have been experimenting a little more and incorporating photographs with 3D models. The crib and kittens is a classic example. By making the background to the kittens transparent it makes it look as if they are actually in the crib. It is a new technique and hopefully the graphics will improve as I make more. The kitten on the swing to the left is another example using the same technique. It is quite a large file size.

Sometimes I will manipulate a photograph and animate things like arms legs eyes and even a tongue. You will find the odd example of this on my website but it is not really my sort of work as I prefer to build a 3D model and manipulate different sections of it.

Because cats are so popular I often make a new animation for "Caturday" on Google+ so it is very possible this page will have even more animated gifs added as the week go by.

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