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Free Animated Toilet gifs.

My strange sense of humour

toilet animationA strange collection yet something just a little different, call it lavatory humour or whatever you like. We enjoyed making them for you to use on blogs and web sites or even email attachments. I have made a few of these toilet animations and even won awards for the rose in the pan and the toiletmobile when the animated gif contest run by Fortis graphics was running. I also have one in my Sketchup model collection. It has a green acorn person in the pan which I have now animated and seems to have annoyed someone because it is getting so many downloads. We are not sure why anyone would want a toilet model with an Acorn to add to their 3D drawing and even make a comment about this in the warehouse.

Maybe its my toilet humour but I'm always making some sort of animation with this standard toilet model. It can be found as a Happy Birthday, Wicked, am I bovvered, experimental light down the pan and even has a rose in the pan. A very simple model with the seat cover opening in increments and reflecting whatever we put down the toilet pan

Animated toilet with rose
Good Bye cruel world animation
am I bovvered
chimp in toilet
Goodbye strange man in loo
gnome fishing in toilet

Even messages on the toilet seat

acorn down the toiletA strange collection of animated toilets, messages on toilet seats but with sayings that are heard in everyday life here in Sevenoaks UK You can probably imagine what sort of people we meet if they are using expressions like this.
"Am I bovvered" and "whatever" are also favourite expressions used by our daughter and have now been adopted by our little grand daughter. Basically a very simple animation to make as we have the toilet ready made with a hingeable lid and all we do is add the text as a texture to the toilet seat cover. Just the thing to send to someone who has tried to upset you or something or someone you think is wicked. Just three original animations amongst the hundreds we have made over the past ten years and every single one is free, if this is not what you are looking for we suggest you a try a search of our website using the search box above.