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Free 3D Canada animated gifs

Animations with a definite Canadian flavour

Canada AcornWe have made many good Canadian friends on some of the forums we visit. When it snowed hard here in the UK and traffic came to a stand still we were teased by some of these friends about how just a little snow affected us so badly. In Canada they change their car tyres for the winter to give better grip and most households have a four wheel drive anyway. Their airports do not close when they get a little snow like ours and they are better set up for a hard cold snowy winter. This original collection has been taken from different pages on our website but if you see an animation that you feel would look good with a touch of Canada on it let us know and we will try to add it to this collection. All our Canada animations are royalty free and you can modify them in any way you like

Quebec teddy bear
Canadian teddy bear
Canadian monkey
Canadian Alphabet
Canadian flag
Quebec Alphabet

You could even combine these animations with a background of your choice

These animations have a transparent background so it is possible to plant them onto a graphic background of your choice. There are quite a few online image editing webpages that allow you to do this if you have not a got the software on your computer. Using the same software you could add a name or message under the animation as well.

The Canadian and Quebec complete alphabets can be downloaded in a zip file. You will need Paint Shop Pro animation shop or similar, or even use an online image editor to make names with these. The linked page will also give you our complete selection of animated alphabets, not just the Canadian ones.