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Google search animated gifs

Penguin Algorithm

Panda and penguin animationIn April 2012 we had another update called the penguin algorithm, we are not sure if it works hand in hand with panda but we made a little animation anyway. This update looks like it is focused on getting rid of spam sites that have spun content or have over optimized by repeating keywords. So far we have seen very little movement in the serps and still see many spammy websites in good positions.
We have a Panda that shot down quite a few websites and now they have introduced a penguin, only this little penguin is not a sweet little fellow but a savage sword waving hero presumedly cutting down on all the spam in the Google search engines.


Panda a new Google search engine algorithm that is supposed to put a stop to low quality website's getting a good search engine rating. Sadly it affected us quite badly and probably sees us as a content farm. We do not like the viscous evil little bugger as it has shot our website to pieces and slashed our Google search positions so we made these Google search animations out of frustration. Panda is not appreciated by many people making a living from the internet with their genuine good quality web sites getting de-ranked and may even go down in history as the reason Bing became the top search engine :0)
Many of our blog pages are outranking this website and getting multiple entries for one search term.

Attcking panda
panda search
caffeine search
caffeine search


A Google Caffeine search engine was in use early January 2010 It was a much faster and more efficient search engine and just an excuse for a little fun on our part to make these Google search animations. Did Caffeine get rid of spam or copied content? Not really so they introduced Panda in May 2011. As more search engine names are introduced we will make the animations accordingly.