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We need the Borough Green bypass

Borough Green bypass

Dot was born in Ightham over 50 years ago. She has never left the area and now lives in Borough Green with me. I lived here briefly in the sixties and moved away only to return over 10 years ago. I remember when Borough Green was a quite village with five pubs and a bus station and not too much traffic passing through. Things have changed and we now have a village that is the envy of all our fast food loving friends but with only two boozers left and a bus station that has been converted into several homes. I watched the Ightham Bypass being built and the new road that bypassed the Crown point and wondered if Borough Green would be next on the list for a bypass. All those years I wondered and even now I'm still bl**dy wondering. If you want a place for the newts we are sure that Mike Taylor will gladly put them in his garden

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Keep Boroughs Green
Brough Green Herald
wot no bypass for Borough Green

A few animated gifs for Borough Green

I'm in favour of a Borough Green Bypass. Looks like I will have a long wait to make our village safer. Every day we get heavy goods vehicles thundering through our once peaceful village. Celcon were prepared to fund it with the development of a new factory but that all fell through

Borough Green is a fantastic place with brilliant people - we deserve better.