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Animated buttons symbols and signs

Just about any animation on this site can be used as a link button

follow me on TwitterI'm not on Twitter ( Yet ) as most of my free time is taken up updating and improving this website. I still made some follow me on Twitter buttons and gave them my own unique little twist, something original and very different to the thousands of other Twitter buttons available.
I also have many other buttons available, some suitable for online shops like the buy now, animated words and credit card animations, many of the others ideal for your blogs or websites.
To this collection I added some symbols and signs, things I have made over the years and on the Chinese zodiac page I made a birth sign calculator, you can download and use it on your webpages
Any of our animations can be reduced in size and used as avatars, you need animation editing software to do this and it is a very simple matter to do so.
The only animations that will not be of much use are the QR codes, you need an ap on a smart phone to get the full benefit and animating the code only aggravates the situation. It was good fun making them though.