All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated picture frame with butterfly

Butterfly and frame with message of your choice

butterfly with shadowWith a little HTML and image editing knowledge it is possible to make an animation like the Dot and Dave one but with the background of your choice. The Dot Dave image has been placed in a table or a Div Tag as a background and the butterfly and frame inserted as an image on top of it.
If you download the butterfly animation and template, insert your image or text using a photo editor into the grey square in the template (Top right) and then use as a background in a 220 x 140 table or div tag and then simply insert the animation over it. You can of course use just the animation and put an image behind it with something like animation shop but that way the background image will be repeated in each frame and will make a bigger file size.

frame no background image
butterfly frame
template for background
Happy Christening card
animated spider
Smelly fish

The butterfly with shadow effectBlank Card with butterfly

The bottom row are examples of a frame animation without a background image applied in your HTML. I made them using the blank animation and simply added the text in Jasc Animation shop.
If you have no animation software simply download the blank version on the left and then upload it to this online-image-editor
It gives you a choice of colour, size and font style and is very easy to use, once completed simply download you finished animation.

Be careful not to apply the text over the downward stroke of the butterfly wing