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flying butterfly

Animated butterfly collection.

I have progressed to butterflies with a shadow

peacock butterfly with shadowThis is my collection of animated butterflies. It has been developed over a period of ten years and from some very humble animations that you will find on the butterflies and insects page I have now progressed to the sort of animation you can see on the left hand side of this paragraph. The background has a transparent background and will work well on a very light colored background. If placed on a dark background the shadow will look totally wrong. I hope to make quite a few more of this style of butterfly and may even try to use the shadow effect on some of our other animations . The tiny butterfly flying around this text has been placed in an AP div and also has a transparent background, just right click in the general area of this animation if you want to download it. This website is in a state of never ending improvement and experimentation, I love my hobby so every time you visit you never know just what you may find. You can always find out what new animations I have made by clicking the "whats new" button to the right.

butterfly banner

Marsh Fritillary
Catagramma Pitheas
Peacock butterfly
Swallowtail butterfly
Small peacock butterfly
Peacock butterfly at an angle
Large peacock butterfly
Tiny peacock butterfly
swallow tailed butterfly white butterfly orange butterfly Valentines butterfly red butterfly swallow tailed butterfly 2 butterfly peacock butterfly peacock butterfly 2 blue butterfly

Other butterflies are available on the links below

I originally got the idea for these free butterfly animations from a wonderful collection of Players cigarette cards that I have Butterfly animationframed and are hanging on the wall above my computer. All these animations have a transparent background and can be used on a light colored background. animated blue butterfly People often said that they like the peacock butterfly that I used to have in my header logo for Sevenoaks Art so I sorted out some of the prototypes made as animated gifs that I was considering for the logo. The header was a Flash animation using several frames from an animated gif but the problem these days with Flash is the fact that the ipads and iphones will not display them so I decided to move away from Flash and concentrate more on animated gifs because they are also easier to embed into a webpage or blog.

Have fun with these animations and use them for any project you like. Of course they are truly original and should only be found in the Sevenoaks Art collection.

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