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Free animated butterflies with background shadow

Framed animated butterflies

I love making butterflies and I even have several collections of butterfly cigarette cards hanging on my study wall. These animations are simple to make if you have the right software and to produce a shadow is an extra bonus. I have made these butterflies as a Flash movie and it is possible to make the shadow transparent to give a really good 3D effect. With these animations there was no need to make a transparent background because the whole animation is filled with colored pixels.

Union jack
Skull butterfly
Tiger butterfly
Scottish Butterfly
American Butterfly
sunflower butterfly
Irish butterfly
Canadian butterfly

We have some more animated butterflies with a transparent background and a real lifelike texture applied to their wings.
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Because of interest in the butterfly that national flags rendered onto their wings I have now made a collection of them with a transparent background. Click the National flag butterfly link below to see them

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