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Free 3D Bushtucker animated gifs

Does this make you feel hungry

Spoof adBush tucker, so called because this food can be found in the bush (Natural surroundings like forests) Things like the wiitchetty grub, mealworms, cockroaches and bugs can be a natural source of vitamins. Bush tucker has been made famous by the TV program "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" where a group of famous people are placed in a camp in the middle of the jungle in Australia and a celebrity is chosen each day by the TV audience to do a task (each one rewarded with a star) and the amount of stars accumulated is used to gauge what the camp will get fed the next day. One of the tasks that will often creep up in the course of the program is the "bush tucker trial" where the celebrity has to eat things like the animations below to earn their stars.

animated cockroach
witchetty grub gif
animated spider
Smelly fish

The TV reality show

FeastThe Bush tucker trial in the television show "I'm a celebrity Get me out of here" was the inspiration for these animations.
Dot loves this program and when it is on you can hear her cackling with laughter as the celebrities try to eat some of the culinary delights similar to those posted on this page.
Yes they are often alive as they are eaten