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Free Beer animations.

I do not drink much beer these days

beerI prefer a glass of Ouzo, of course it tastes best if you are sitting in the Mediterranean sun and you have some Greek food to go with it. I have made a selection of 3D beer animations and you can also find Southern Comfort, Whiskey and Ouzo on the next page. If you like a drink, or even if you do not, use our animations on your web pages and blogs.
These animations were originally made for a lady on a forum who just loved a drink of Ol Milwaukee, a drink I had never heard of before but I have now added them to my collection and added a few more as well.

Old Milwaukee
beer bottle
animated beer goggles
Guiness glass
rein beer
wot no beers
beer drinking teddy

Beer used as avatars

Sometimes when I browse some of the forums I have come across my beer animations used as icons. They have been shrunk a little but that is easy to do if you have the software or use one of the many online image editing websites. I'm pleased that some of our work is being used in such a manner but must admit that I never visualized these as forum icons. If you are wondering what the beer and goggles in an animation are about just Google "Beer goggles" it will explain it all.

  • Oh you're drunk you're drunk you silly old fool, Still you cannot see
    That's a can of beer that my mother gave to me.
    Well it's many a day I've traveled a hundred miles or more
    But a spinning can of beer I' ve never seen before

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