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Book animations with turning pages

I have made these books with all sorts of different pages

Boys bookThe turning page books were fairly simple to make and thanks to Artlantis renderer virtually any image can be applied to the two repeating pages. In the early days I used to keep to an eight frame animation and this is one of them. Once I have created the image to go on the page it is a simple matter to render eight separate pictures and make them into an animation using Jasc animation shop. Another example of a simple model that has been used in many other animations including Easter and animations for bloggers.

The same technique was used in the Prince Charles and Playboy graphic only I had to add a waving flag and Charles face moving in time to the turning pages.
When I used this animation in Flash it was possible to make a much bigger selection of different pages.

made in Great Britain
Girls book
animated American book
my blog book animation
made in India book animation
teddy bear book
spinning book
small animated book

face book Queens book made in the UK book Easter blessings Charley book typewriter 404 book teddy book Google book

Even the Queen reads BooksCharles reading book

queens bookThis animation with the Queen reading her memoirs is certainly made in Great Britain, but we also have "made in the USA" and "made in India" animations. I have also added some different sorts of animated books that spin or have an animation on the book cover as I really love to experiment.

You may ask why did we stick a really old type writer in with these books. Quite frankly it was to fill a space as we did not have another book animation to add. Years ago books were written using type writers so we have an excuse of sorts.
Welcome to the age of the word processor.