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Animations for Blogger - free graphics

welcomeHere is my small collection of animated gifs suitable for use on on your blog. Of course any of my graphics can be uploaded (have a look around my site) but these are specifically mentioning your blog in some way.

These blog animations can me used as a link from your main site to your blog or just as an addition to brighten up your blog page. Remember, you can use any of our animations on your blog pages, explore the site and see if anything strikes your fancy. With these animations you know that you have no copyright problems because they have been made here and they are free

blogger cube
Please comment on my blog computer
my blog spinning heart
Blogger book
Blog typewriter
My blog sphere

Using G+ instead of blogger

Grumpy catI have delved into the Blogger world. It is a fascinating place with so many different people, ideas and interesting articles. Blogging needs time and dedication to keep the blogs fresh and up to date and as I'm always updating this site it is something I have little of. There is also a Google blogger help forum where advice help or just a general chit chat in the coffee shop is available. These days I'm using Google+ for notifying people of updates instead of the blog I used to use.