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Animated gifs and facilities for the blogger and forum user

Some interesting blogs with animations created by a friend on Google+

  1. Bekkies Wonderland

  2. Buzzboxxx

  3. Showoffs

follow me animationWe are pleased that many of our animations end up on blogs. It is easy to download them to your computer and then upload them to Picasa or some similar image hosting website. It is an easy matter to then add them to any of your blog pages by adding a simple link. On this page we have animated alphabets, these are for the advanced user of any animation editing program and gives you the opportunity to make some really nice animated words of your choice. The blog animations are just that, little animations with the text "my blog" added which you could possibly use as link button to your blog. If you want to bump a message up on a forum with have the animations you can use for that. There is a selection of animations for the flamer and the noob and a small collection of follow me and I will follow you animations, just right if you are after more followers. If you have a website and you want people to know about your blog with have some Link buttons that can be edited and some visit my forum buttons.

The smiley faces are something quite unique and I have not seen anything like them. They are a selection of small famous people faces, something I should really use a little more because even I like them.