All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D animated Birds

Animations from video footage

Animated robinThe robin animation on the left was an experiment on our part. We mounted a web cam on our bird table in the garden and eventually captured a video of this robin which we converted to an animated gif. This sort of animation takes a lot of patience and we had no help from a very large pigeon who insisted on sticking his face into the camera, sadly it did not make a good animation.
These birds, some a little strange we must admit, are free for to use on any project you like.
The original idea of this page was to make a kingfisher animation. Sometimes things do not work out and the kingfisher looks like something else altogether.

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie

animated thrush bird Blackbird pie animation blackbird animation
animated robin poopy bird bluetit animation
animated eagle animated raven animated eagle emblem

The bird animations are improving

Owl animationBird collectionThe latest additions are the thrush, owl, raven, blue tit, robin and the four and twenty blackbird baked in a pie animations, there is a definite improvement in technique and these are starting to actually look like animated birds although there is still some room for improvement. I can see a great Christmas animation will be possible using some of the animated robin models. The animation on the right is a composite that I original made for Google+ but it was a lot bigger.

The first eagle animation is the very simple rotating cube with a photograph on and the other was a specially created 3D model. We intend to carry on experimenting with these sort of animations and hopefully will have more to show you soon