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Dot loves her Bingo

Bingo logoThe British love their Bingo and that includes Dot. On her visits to London to see my sister and her best friend her first priority is to go to the Bingo hall and have a game of Bingo with big cash prizes set up on a national scale. It is not unusual to see bingo player with 20 or more cards, I struggle with one. Bingo has now even spread to the internet with online games but I am afraid this game is just not for me. I did not mind making these Bingo animations, you can use them on your blogs, web pages or presentations.

animated bingo ball
animated bingo balls
bingo ball
bingo hall cube
Bingo Card
bingo card cube

Bingo at the seaside

Bingo card and pen animatedWhen I was a boy, maybe 55 years ago I went on holiday with my parents to the south coast. We stayed in a bed sit apartment and it rained for most of the time we stayed there. The highlight of a cold and raining day was the trip around the amusements, the penny machines and merry go rounds.

It was here that I had my first experience of Bingo, called housey housey in those days and you sat in a circle around the bingo caller and the bingo cards were plastic boards mounted on a big circular table with tabs that slid down over the numbers when they were called.

You could win all sorts of toys and household goods and I was lucky enough to win a pair of plastic binoculars. They kept me happy for the rest of the holiday and I can honestly say it was the only time I enjoyed Bingo.