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Rubbish bin animations, animated trash bins

Make your own animated bin with a photo of your choice

recycle binWe had fun making these and even used a good old fashioned galvanized steel British rubbish bin. You do not see many of them these days although I can remember the days when the dust man would lift these up onto his shoulder and empty the bin into the dust cart. I now have three different bins supplied by the local council. A small green one like the animation on the left that tin cans and newspaper goes in. A big black wheelie bin for all normal household rubbish and a green recycling bin for cardboard, garden and household food waste

David Cameron in the bin
spinning trash bin
Barack Obama in the bin
Ed in the bin
Wheelie bin
Simon in the bin

Who is sitting on the garbage bin?

Dave sitting on bin

When I was on holiday in Cyprus I discovered a sign on the toilet door that said this. "Please refrain from flushing toiletries, use the bin provided" For some strange reason this image of me sitting on the bin with my leather flying helmet on came to mind.

From time to time we update these animations and like to put different personalities in the bin. One of the ideas that originated when I used to participate in one of the Paint Shop Pro forums. The bin is a true 3D model and the lid has a rotation point so that it can be moved and rendered in increments. The photo of the person in the bin is actually placed on a flat rectangle and then given a transparent background and moved in conjunction with the lid lifting. If you have any suggestions for people you would like to see in the garbage bin, just let me know.