All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Put your own image of someone in the bin

Make a special animation, put a person of your choice in garbage bin

To put someone in the bin you will need to download the back and front section of the bin and the seven location spots.

The image that goes into the bin will need to be approx the size of the little dog. You will need to trim out the profile you want with a freehand selection tool and paste it into as a new image with a transparent background, make a red dot at the base to use as a location point and save it as a gif.

You will now need to make an animation a frame at a time by copying the photo you have worked on into each one of location spot images and lining up the red spots. Once you have done the seven frames you will need to copy and rename frame spot6 to spot8, spot5 to spot9, spot4 to spot10, spot3 to spot11 and spot2 to spot12. This complete the 12x "popping up and down frames for the animation"

You can the make this into an animation by using the animation wizard in Jasc animation shop that comes with Paintshop Pro or by adding a frame at a time using the ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR

There may be ways of creating animated gifs in Photoshop or other animation editors but I cannot help there.

complete bin back bin front bin Taxi the Ewok
The finished animation Back section of the bin Front section of the bin An Image of your choice
spot1 spot2 spot3 spot4
Location spot 1 Location spot 2 Location spot 3 Location spot 4
spot5 spot6 spot7 taxi-still
Location spot 5 Location spot 6 Location spot 7 Image

Complete the animation using the 3 completed animations

Now you have the three separate animations you will need to first insert the back section of the bin into an animation editor.
If you are using the Online image editor upload the back section, go to the wizard click overlay image and then upload the bouncing animation you have made and line up the bouncing red spots, a little tricky but it does work. Once you have done that upload the front of the bin , line it up and you now have a finished animation. I have not found a way to put a delay on the open and shut frame on the online editor but it is an easy matter to do so with Jasc animation shop by right clicking on the frame and setting the frame properties to something like 60.

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