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Orson Wells got it about right

Big Brother

red roseThis page was originally made for the UK Big Brother TV series but I probably will not see many of those programs. "Big Brother is watching you" has always been a popular saying thanks to Orson Wells so I decided to elaborate on this theme. As a boy the idea that cameras would continually monitor you seemed like science fiction but as I grew older this science fiction became reality and CCTV cameras have sprung up everywhere, especially in the UK. Of course they are very handy and can capture images of criminals at work, people committing offences but do you sometimes wonder if all this information is being collected into a big database and that someone somewhere has this massive dossier on all your activities. How are you going to use these animations? Your guess is as good as mine but have fun in doing so

big brother cube
CCTV in operation
big brother camera
Big Brother TV
Animated cctv
big brother panda animation

CCTV in operation

microphoneEvery day and in almost everything we do a CCTV camera will be peering at us from some obscure location or a concealed microphone may be listening. How can we be sure that the television in the corner of the living room is not watching us and sending video back to Big Brother and adding all information to a massive data base hidden in a Government research centre somewhere. Put these animations on your blogs and web sites and let people know.