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Beds and sleeping animations

Go to sleep my baby, close your pretty eyes

time to wake upI'm lucky, like the sleeping man in the rocking chair, I can sleep anywhere. When I travel abroad by air, I will soon fall asleep even in the cramped seating of a jet aircraft. When I go to bed, as soon as my head hits the pillow I fall asleep and Dot says that I snore my head off. Maybe it is because I sit down and do nothing for half an hour before I go to bed, nothing much goes on in my head anyway.

The beds were originally made as a Google Sketchup model but I modified them for this page, I had to have a few Z's and the rocking chair had only been used once for an obscure teddy bear Christmas animation, I just added the sleeping man.

The crib, and quite a lot of work went into that was originally made as a "new baby animation" so I thought it would be nice to use it here.

Teddy bears can be found throughout this website so maybe it was natural that I should add one here, he must have had a very hard day because he really is having a job keeping his eyes open and not falling asleep.

single bed
rocking chair
rotating bed
sleepy teddy
sleepy panda

Beds have been made as Sketchup Models

Makes me sleepy just looking a this selection An unusual collection of sleep gifs but like most of my animations someone somewhere will have a use for them. Like many of our animations free 3D Google sketchup bed models can be found in the Sevenoaks Art collection on the Google Sketchup warehouse website.

Because these animations have a transparent background it is possible to plant them on any light colored background and they would work well if used in a Powerpoint presentation.