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Animated flower basket gifs

Hanging flower baskets and wicker baskets with flowers

teddy bear in wicker basket2We have a small garden, easy to upkeep, Dot does the weeding and I mow the grass, our six year old daughter looks after the vegetables and picks all our strawberries and eats them as fast as they ripen.

We always have a few hanging flower baskets around the patio (Laid by our builder son) to brighten things up a bit Unless you have an automatic watering system and even with water retaining gel packs it is important to water regularly.

I have made some baskets with petunias, fuchsias, roses and a few tiny daisies if you look hard enough. The teddy bear just seems to want to get into animation that I make.

flower basket and bracket
swinging flower basket
swinging fuchsia basket
flower basket
Teddy in flower basket
Petunia flower basket

Time consuming animation to make

An extremely difficult animation to make with each flower in true 3D. The file size of the 3D model was enormous and manipulating this basket of flowers was using all the computers resources. Strange that I ended up with a reasonable sized animated gif. One of our favourite animations and used quite a bit on the internet. The flower basket is just a small part of our flower collection and we have many other animations available in our flower animation collection..