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3D animated barbecues

Lovely on a nice Summers day

bbq logoI love my barbecues on a hot summers day in the garden with a good old fashioned charcoal BBQ on the go. I love sausages, sheftalia and beefburgers and would eat them every day if I had my way but Dot rations such goodies out. I have also had some really good barbecued fish, ready marinated and supplied by Sainsburys but have yet to eat fish freshly caught and barbecued on the sea shore.

The flame effect on the text was created by using the online animation composer at

sausage on fork
Animated BBQ
hot dog
bbq spin
barbeque sauce

The Greek Cypriots know how to do a BBQ properly

BBQ CubeBarbecues, here we have the English version, very simple with just a few sausages and beefburgers. I often visit Cyprus and the Barbeque is a very special occasion, sometimes held in a back garden, sometimes up in the hills where special areas are available for them.
One Easter, a special time in Cyprus where many bbq's are made I was walking with Dot through the high street and to our amazement a BBQ was cooking all sorts of goodies on the pavement outside an old butchers shop, we were invited over for a taster and did not refuse.

My Greek Cypriot friends will make a BBQ last for many hours, cooking sheftalia, spicy Greek sausage, lamb, pork and chicken on skewers and the halloumi cheese and pita bread cooked on a grille, all washed down with a liberal helping of Ouzo.