Standard banner sizes for web sites and web pages

It makes a change for us to make a web page that is nearly all HTML but as we have been making a few banners lately we thought that a visual record of the standard banner sizes for websites in general use would be handy.
A banner can be any size and we often use odd size banners to suit our web pages but the sizes below are those that are in common use on the internet. Banner sizes recommended by the IAB

You can of course modify our work to use in a banner, search our site or click home for free animated gifs

Leader board 728x90 pixels
Full banner 468x60 pixels
Half banner 234 x 60 pixels
Large rectangle

336 x 280 pixels


120 x 600

wide skyscraper

160 x 600


180 x 150 pixels

Square button

125 x 125

Micro bar
88x 31 pixels


bushtucker bannerAn example of a spoof banner made by us and using some of our animated gifs but you can always use some of our friendlier animations and create a genuine banner for your blog or web site. The standard banner size used was 468 x 60. All our animated gifs are made in house using 3D software and a lot of love and attention from Dot and Dave. Free animated gifs are available by clicking the home button at the top of the page or the link below.

Free 3D animated gifs