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Free Animated bananas. Gif animations.

My collection of unusual banana animations

Do not make me angryit may look a simple animation but they were in fact quite difficult to do. They have been made over a period of many years. The animated banana was made in many sections in the CAD software and then rendered with a photograph that had been modified in Paint Shop Pro.

I love to get hold of bananas that have gone slightly brown and very ripe, cut them into slices and add a nice rich creamy custard over them.

animated bananas
banana badge
animated bananas
spinning banana animation
monkey with banana
angel with flowers

You cannot trust a monkey

rude bananaAnother one of my favorites, I normally has one a day and my sister really loves a nice banana. You can get a very small and very tasty banana if you visit Cyprus and can even pick them yourself from some of the plantations.

They are very good to help stop high blood pressure and they certainly help stop swelling of swollen ankles

It has been said that rubbing the skin of a banana on mozzie bites will reduce itching and rubbing the skin on your teeth can act as a whitener I will try this and let you know.

The monkey and banana animation is not to be taken in the wrong context, he is only offering you a couple of his bananas