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Ban the noob animations. I'm a Noob gifs

You can always use one of the "I'm a Noob" animations to introduce yourself.

make my dayThis is one page I really feel guilty about but having been on a couple of forums where new posters have been a complete nuisance and very rude decided to go ahead anyway. This collection was quickly put together using stuff that I had already made as 3D drawings. Most times when making a new animations web page we use new 3D drawings but this page is a collection of models that I have modified. It has taken over ten years to get a decent collection together and I'm still adding to it. Maybe this is why we get a lot of return visitors.
Originally this page was just full of "Ban the Noob" animations and although I rarely get an email I got a couple saying (in a very nice way) that I was being just a little harsh on any newcomers to forums. So here we are , I have added some I'm a noob animations so that you can introduce yourselves properly. You can even offer some of the forum members a chocolate, bribery often works in the cruel and harsh world of the Internet.

ban the noob
welcome noob
noob monkey
do not feed the noob
I'm a noob
noob chocolate
exterminate noobs
any noobs here

Use the " Ban the noob" with caution

A little cruel maybe but many established visitors to forums will understand what these Ban the Noob animations are about.
The inspiration for these animations came from the blogger help forum where some newcomers would ask ridiculous questions and then go on to wind everyone up. Remember that everything we make on this website is to be treated with tongue in cheek, I'm much too old to take anything seriously these days.

If you want to talk to me about any of these animations, want to suggest other animations that I can make or just want a chat with a crazy animator just join me on Google plus, now that I'm retired you will find me on there most days, click the G+ button below for more information.