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Free 3D animated balloons

happy balloonThe party balloons were very easy to make and Artlantis has a facility to make them transparent in respect to each other but sadly not in the gif itself. When used as Flash animation it is possible to make the balloon animations transparent in relation to the background.

The hot air balloon was a different kettle of fish and took a few hours to make with each segment carefully drawn and then repeated 180 degrees around an axis.

I have also made some animated balloons for Birthday celebrations

animated metallic balloons
Hot air balloon
party balloons
swining balloon with picture
six coloured balloons
flying pig with balloons
50th balloons six balloons mixed balloons single balloon xmas balloons balloon sign pig balloons sign balloons hot air balloon shiney balloons

Balloon animations for every occasion

Celebrate in style with these colourful animations or take a trip in the red white and blue hot air balloon
You will find the transparent party balloons in quite few of our animations and they work well in a flash animation attached to a sign and floating around the page on a timeline. The shiny balloons are available on our birthday pages with birthday messages attached. The hot air balloon is only used on this page, it seems a shame we have used this model only once so it is very possible we will use it in another animation, it is quite detailed and this is lost in the size we have made it here.