All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated badges that we have made.

Rotating animations

nobtisThe top row are examples of animated badges that I made when I first started this website.
Silver and Gold Badges made for my good friend Dave Sitbon (seen spinning on the left) not only is he a Forensic Technician but also becoming a well known actor and one of the nicest people we have ever come across on the internet. He volunteered his services at the 9/11 disaster, its difficult to imagine just how difficult a job that must have been.
The North Carolina revenue recovery forensic badge was made many years ago as an experiment to see how easily a spinning logo or badge animation can be made. The software we use makes construction and animations of badges very easy. They are built as simple 3D model and a photo of the badge is rendered onto it to make it look photorealistic. It is then a simple matter to set up a rotating animation. It was the start of many hundreds of this type of animation

animated badge  Gold forensic technician badge
Revenue recovery badge
Silver forensic technician badge
welcome badge
Dot and Dave's badge
sharing badge animation

Latest work

Masonic symbolThe animated badges on the bottom row are more recent examples of the many and varied badges that we have made over the past ten years. The centre vote for Dot and Dave is a classic example of how a very simple 3D model can be rendered with a jpeg to produce some very interesting results

The Masonic logo is an example of an animation that needed a little more work. It was all constructed as a 3D model first and has no graphic texture applied to it, I just gave the the brass colour a nice shiny effect to reflect a background photograph that I applied as an Alpha channel