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"As much use as" animations. Animated gifs

Dot's comments about me.

as much use as an amated gifI got the inspiration for these animations from a comment Dot often uses about me. The one armed fiddler makes us laugh, it is quite an achievement to be able to play a violin with arm. Where you are going to use these animations, we are not sure but the surprising thing is that all our work seems to have a use somewhere and I really have made some obscure stuff in my time.
If you feel we have left out a typical example for "as much use as" do not be afraid to email us with your suggestion, a couple of these animations were suggested to me on Google+

ashtray on a motorbike
one armed fiddler
apple maps
as much use as a chocolate tea pot
glass hammer
pork pie at a Jewish Wedding
Square wheel
as much use as wooden soap

Good job that I like chocolate

Lead parachuteSometimes Dot will say to I'm as much use as a chocolate teapot so it was the first animation that I made although it has been modified since and may even be modified again as I'm still not sure about it.

I love the idea of the Apple maps animation, again a suggestion from a very good Google+ friend. One thing for sure, with my love of pork pies, especially the ones with pickle in, I doubt if I will get many invites to Jewish weddings.

Send them to someone you consider useless ( me for example? ) or as an addition to an article on a web page.

The latest addition is the lead parachute, the text is included in the animation