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Artist animations - paint tubes - easel - brushes and pallet animated gifs

I'm an Artist not a website designer

portrait painterAlthough our site is made with 3D modeling software I have always been an artist. It was one of the few things I was good at at school and in my early days used to sketch in pencil or use water colors. One of my first jobs was a wrought iron artist and draftsman and I learned about pen and ink work and how to get a good perspective view on my drawings. I was trained by a very good artist called Vic Powis.

For many years after this creative job I had jobs like postman, milkman, wood machinist and joiner but he never lost the love of art and would paint quite a few water colors in my spare time.

With the introduction of computer graphics, which immediately grabbed my attention I decided to have a go himself. I'm self taught and soon found out that simple 3d animations were possible to make with some of the software I had. I 'm always experimenting and try to update this website with something new every week.

red paint tube animated easel blue paint tube
animated modern art animated pallet Mona Lisa
artist at work brush small red pencil

Progressed to computer graphics

Picture highlighted with a candleMany years ago when I was working as a production manager I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work with some brand new CAD software. It was not an easy transition from the drawing board and pen and ink work but I persevered and once you know the basic drawing with 3D modelling software is quite easy.

If you make a mistake or need to alter something it is so easy, unlike a pen and ink drawing, where you may try to scratch something out or completely redraw the deign.

With CAD you still have that ability to express yourself and create some interesting artistic work and in my case go that one step further and convert them into animated gifs