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3D Apple animations. Animated gifs

How I made them

Apple blossomAn interesting project. The nice red animated apple was created by making the 3D apple model and then rendering it with a photo of an apple and the same technique used for the half apple.
The green apple is very basic and had just a green shader applied and then different coloured lights were placed around it before creating the animation.
Each leaf was carefully made and rendered with the correct flower photograph for the apple blossom.
The wasp was an existing animation, you can find it on this site which I simply planted onto the graphic of an apple.
The spinning cube and disc are very basic models with a photograph or graphic rendered on them and the bowl of apples is a very low poly count model that I made over 15 years ago, it looks terrible if made any bigger.

animated apple apple badge animated apple cube
spinning apple Apple with wasp Half apple

Apple picking in Plaxtol

apple bowlYears ago when I lived in Plaxtol I used to go apple picking after I had finished my milk round. I bought my first car with the money I earned. It was hard work, standing on a ladder all day made your feet hurt and when I first started the apple bag used to bruise my shoulders but I loved it. I would have a whole orchard to myself, it would be late Summer and the wasps had a nasty habit of stinging you when you tried to pick apples. The local farmer used to call me whenever the apples needed picking. Russets were my speciality. Those were the hazy lazy crazy days of summer 45 years ago.