All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D animated bugs. Gif animations.

Original bug animations

animated spiderSome of my animated bugs are just going round in circles. Not very exciting but it does demonstrate how easy it is to make a 3D animation from a CAD model. Normally we use these in combination with other objects, i.e. we have made the bee hovering over a rose and the Mosquito stars in the Marmite Flash animation. The dragonfly is the odd one out, this is the only place he is on display as we cannot make a realistic wing flutter to be able to use him elsewhere. We have not given up and as computers get faster we may be able to produce a really good fast wing action.

The spider is one of many animations that can be found on our animated insect page where we have animated bugs that actually flap their wings and move their legs. There is a lot of movement on that page !

ladybug gif dragonfly gif animated wasp bee gif
little bug animation animated blue bottle animated flies moth animation


mosquitoe gifTake a look at our Marmite page if you want to find a way to stop those mozzies biting, we have found that Marmite on toast for breakfast when we visit Cyprus will cut down on the amount of bites we get. It is said that you either love it or hate it and the we think that most Cypriot mozzies hate it. In fact we think that most Greek Cypriots hate Marmite as well because none of our friends can understand how we eat the stuff.

Of all the bug animations that I have made I think that the mosquito is the most evil looking, probably a psychological thing because I have been "bitten" so often.
Some of my friends have suggested that I should make a fictional funny bug with many legs and strange attachments, this is another project that is in the pipeline, I could certainly have some fun with that one and you may see some of the strangest things appearing on this webpage.